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Why gut health?

Gut health is considered integral to our overall sense of well being, but during perimenopause and menopause, there can be shifts in the bacterial composition of the microbiome (the collection of bacteria that live in your gut) These shifts can be a contributory factor in many of the of the unwanted symptoms of menopause.

However, by focusing on maintaining good gut health during this time can help to support you in alleviating these symptoms, such as ...

  • Reduce Hot flushes
  • Sleep better
  • Protect Bone Density
  • Alleviate bloating
  • Manage anxiety & brain fog
  • Support vaginal health
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  • Early Menopause

    This is when your periods stop before the age of 45, naturally or due to surgery or chemotherapy. Right now there are around 110,000 women in the UK living with effects of premature menopause. Maintaining good gut health during this time can help to support your hormonal balance and overall wellbeing, potentially helping to alleviate symptoms and promoting better absorption of essential nutrients.

  • The Perimenopause

    Typically you can start to experience symptoms of the perimenopause in your early 40s. Often, one of the first symptoms experienced is increased anxiety and a reduced ability to deal with everyday stress. Additionally, interrupted sleep patterns can leave you feeling tired and low. Your gut and brain are in constant communication and so good gut health can support you in your mental health and wellbeing during this time.

  • Reaching Menopause

    Officially menopause is reached when you have not had a period for 12 months. But like everything in menopause your journey is individual and whilst many women might find relief from symptoms at this point, others may find their symptoms can last a little longer as their bodies adjust to the hormonal change that has occurred. A balanced diet, rich in fibre and fermented foods can be beneficial at this stage.

  • Post menopause

    Reaching post menopause is a milestone with its benefits and challenges. Freedom from monthly cycles and the risk of unplanned pregnancy can be liberating - Many can wrestle with physical changes and health concerns. However, through all of these transitions many women find empowerment, viewing this stage as an opportunity for self discovery and rejuvenation, with many discovering a newfound confidence.

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