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The Evolution of your skin, and how to love it for life

 Welcome to the fabulous 40s!

Written and shared by Dr Sunny Dhesi, Leading women's Health Doctor and Clinical Lead for Made of More

Let's take a moment to appreciate a decade where life gets really interesting, and along with it your skin. As you take stock of  the wisdom and experience that come with age, spare a thought for your skin which is going through its own journey of transformation.

Change Doesn't Have To Be A Negative

We’ve been sold the idea that it's all downhill beyond a certain age – don’t buy into it. Armed with accurate information vs scare-mongering and the right products in your armoury along with expert tips from the experts, you can embrace midlife and reap the benefits of healthy, vibrant and youthful skin for years to come

So what’s going on with my skin right now?

1. Loss of Collagen and Elasticity

 Sounds depressing right? But bear with us and repeat "I can keep my skin looking and feeling great."

After 40, collagen in our skin, the protein responsible for keeping it firm and plump, starts to diminish – hello fine lines and wrinkles. But crucially, there are ways to support collagen maintenance and production to keep that spring in your step, and your skin, as we get older.

Diet and lifestyle are key – support the gut-brain-skin connection to support collagen stories, and introduce leafy greens which provide antioxidant support for the precursors to collagen, whilst Red Bell Pepper contains Capsaicin for anti inflammation. Superstar legumes which are rich in amino acids, which are needed to reverse collagen loss and lastly, Citrus Fruits will boost your Vitamin C levels to further enhance the production of collagen within cells.

 What about skincare, we hear you ask?

You may be wondering if any skincare ingredients can also help to boost collagen. The answer is a resounding yes... incorporating collagen-boosting ingredients like retinol, peptides, antioxidants and vitamin C into your skincare routine will make a noticeable difference.

2. Hello, Hormonal Changes

 Ah, hormones! Just when we thought we were done with the rollercoaster ride, they make a screaming centre-stage comeback in our 40s. The impact on our skin can be devastating - dryness, increased sensitivity, and even adult acne. Understanding your skin's needs during this time is crucial.

 There’s a ton of information out there and one of the biggest questions women face in their 40s is about HRT. Our recommendation is to seek out the advice of your GP or a menopause specialist to make an informed decision. In the meantime, support your sensitised skin with gentle cleansers for sensitive skin, hydrating treatments at home, and products specifically designed to support hormonal skin changes. Regular visits to a skincare clinic can provide personalised guidance and solutions but the priority has to be developing a consistent skincare routine that fits into a busy life.

3. The Big O: Oestrogen, Moisture, and More

 Fluctuating hormones and, crucially a decline in oestrogen levels, affect the moisture-retaining properties of the skin. Oestrogen plays a crucial role in hydration by promoting the production of hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturiser for the skin. As oestrogen levels fall so does hyaluronic acid synthesis, leading to decreased moisture retention and dry dull skin, along with a natural weakening of the natural lipid barrier – a double whammy for ageing skin. But the biggest and cruellest hormonal joke is the return of hormonal acne as the turnover of our cells slows down, resulting in trapped bacteria, breakouts and at the same time an impaired ability to retain moisture.

Hello, dry, irritated AND spotty skin? Perimenopause is really spoiling us.

Look for best moisturisers for glowing skin packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides to replenish and lock in moisture but at the same time avoid mineral oils and comedogenic ingredients that may block the pores.

Drinking plenty of water and incorporating foods rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins can support overall skin health from within.

 Embrace your inner Glow!

 Yes, some skin changes are inevitable, but our 40s and beyond can also be a time of newfound confidence and with it an inner glow.  Embrace your evolving skin, nourish it with efficacy-led skincare and remember that beauty is not defined by age. Lavish your skin with care, attention and remember – the journey can be fun. Let your skin shine with confidence - Here's to the fabulous 40s and beyond!

Thank you so much to Dr Sunny Dhesi and the Made of More team for sharing this journal with The Better Menopause community. Discover more about how Made of More's amazing range of high performance, doctor-led, clinically active skincare for hormonal skin from 40 and beyond here